About Insomnia     

Insomnia is my passion project. It's an album that took just a little under a year to write, produce, and record. It's a collection of some of my deepest most personal thoughts, cultivated into 10 songs. I wanted the feel of this project to be lush, immersive, and all-around comforting.     

This is an album for those who want to better themselves, for the creatives, for those who feel like they don't fit in, or those who might feel like they need to hide away from a world that is becoming increasingly more complicated and saturated with technology.   

Insomnia isn't just a collection of music, it's an era of multi-medium art, and a place you can visit.     

Welcome to insomnia, a world that comes out at night.  

Thank you for streaming Insomnia.     

- Danny Silvertone